I sell 3D rendered science fiction and fantasy images as royalty free stock images via Shutterstock, Fotolia and Depositphotos.

Examples can be seen HERE

My name is Yvonne (aka Diverse Pixel) and I am a digital artist for more than 30 years. This website shows you one of my passions, book covers. I am offering all authors a cost effective way to get yourself a professionally designed book cover for different genres.
For pre-made covers please have a look into my gallery HERE. I also offer a wide range of pre-made covers for different genres through my galleries at Make sure you sign up, its free! By pushing the buttons below you will be directed to the shop.

Examples can be seen HERE.

Prices for pre-made covers at start at $US 69
Prices for pre-made covers in my gallery HERE start at $US 55

The questions and answers apply only to the covers you can purchase directly through my website! When you buy a cover through my galleries at SelfPubBookCovers please read and pay attention to the General Terms and Conditions on that website.

When I need a book cover, what have I to do first?

Have a look into my gallery HERE for a pre-made cover and send my the number below the preview. If you can't find the right one for your upcoming book, a custom cover could be a good choice. Send me an e-mail with the information mentioned in 'About my Custom Covers' on the left hand side.

In what size do you deliver the file(s)?

  • 3125 x 4167 at 300dpi (HD) for e-book promotion
  • 1500 x 2000 at 72dpi (lower resolution) for e-books at Amazon or similar
  • the image size for the print cover depends on your requests

What do I get for my money when I want to order a custom cover?

  • the choice between 2 different rough previews for further adjustments (in price included)
  • a 3rd choice is possible for a small fee of $US 5
  • the choice between 3 different typefaces (in price included)
  • a 4th choice is possible for a small fee of $US 5
  • 7 reviews (in price included)
  • more reviews (up to 9) are possible for a small fee of $US 5 for each review
  • for 10 or more reviews the fee is $US 10 for each review
  • download links for the final cover
  • 2 different image files for e-books and an additional file for your print cover
  • my written and signed permission to use the image for commercial purposes

What format do you send the file(s)?

  • JPG format for e-books
  • PDF format for print covers when you publish through
  • other formats on request

Is the cover I buy unique?

Yes! For many of my covers I use my own 3D rendered images. When I use stock images I will  make sure the cover is unique by using additional images and/or elements or artistic techniques.

What does the price below your cover preview include?

The price below the preview is for e-books only. It includes the changes to the text but it doesn’t include the additional work for a cover for print.

I want to purchase one of your pre-made covers, but I need some changes.

No problem when you want to buy a cover from my GALLERY. Changes to the text and font is included in the price to be seen below the preview. For major changes custom cover prices and rules will apply.

If you want to buy a cover from my galleries at SelfPubBookCovers and you need some changes you have to follow the rules on that website and to fill out a form/request.

Can I use one cover for multiple books or a book series?

In general yes, but only on request. I need this information together with your order. If you decide to use your single cover for a series later, minor changes to the text can be made for a small fee of $US 15 for each additional cover. Major changes can be made also, but a much higher fee would apply.

When I bought a cover.. is it mine and can do what I want with it?

In general yes, but is has to be book related. You can use the images also for posters, bookmarks and other merchandise. Although you can do what you want with it, the copyright is ALWAYS! "Yvonne Less ©DiversePixel". So you are not allowed to claim the cover as your own design! You may NOT change the design by your own or take out some elements. That would be a violation of copy rights and criminal.

I bought an e-book cover from you a while ago. Now I need the cover for print.

If you purchased the cover from my website: $US 50
If you purchased the cover from another artist: $US 65
If you purchased the cover from You have to go to their website and order your cover with spine by using a form.

Can I have a file with layers for Photoshop or similar so I can edit the image myself?

No! All files with layers are my property and not for sale.

I changed my mind and I want another book cover design. Is it possible?

In general yes, but only when I didn't much work on the current cover. If you change your mind after I finished the cover and you approved it, a fee for a complete new cover would apply. You can always make some changes to the current cover as long it doesn't exceed the 7 reviews. After that you have to pay a fee.

I changed my mind about the title? Can you help me?

After your final approval and cover deliverey a small fee of $US 10 applys for minor changes to the text. If major changes are necessary a higher fee will apply.

Are the stock images licensed?

Of course. You are allowed to sell your books 250.000 times. After that you have to pay an
extended license for each stock image used.

Do I have to pay for the image licenses in addition to your art work?

  • the price for licenses is included for pre-made covers
  • for custom covers 3 image licenses are included
  • $US 5 apply for any other additional image
  • Note: If I HAVE to use stock images from websites other than I will charge an additional fee

After publishing my book as print version, the cover doesn't look like the original image ?

To create a print cover I have to follow rules in regards of dimensions and colours. I make sure that all images comply with those rules. After delivery I don't take any liability for errors or misprints in regards of colours. If the print doesn't look like the way you expected I can make some adjustments from $US 25.

What if I lose or delete my downloaded files by accident?

You are responsible for all your files, but in case of an accident you can order a copy for a small fee of $US 10.

What if I bring my own image?

No problem, but you have to proof that the image is your property or you purchased a license. I DON'T accept public domain or free images!

How can I pay?

Payments have to be made through PayPal with your account or credit card. You will receive an invoice via PayPal.

Do I have to pay in advance?

For custom covers you have to pay a nonrefundable 50% of the total price before I start to work. For pre-made covers you have to pay 100% in advance before I make minor changes to the text or other elements.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, but only for custom covers! The content regulates the copyrights and ownership.

If I have another question?

Contact me via the contact button above or

There will be changes to my Terms and Conditions from time to time. Please read before you order a cover!

©2009-2015 Diverse Pixel
All Rights Reserved
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If you couldn't find what you are looking for a custom cover would be a great choice.

Send me an e-mail with following information:
  • e-book and/or print cover
  • single cover or for a series
  • size for print cover
  • page numbers for print cover
  • title and tag lines
  • author name
  • brief summery about the content
  • your ideas

Prices for a simple custom cover (including e-book and print cover) start at $US 80. The price will rise depending on work, time, image licenses and complexity.

For more information have a look at the 'Questions & Answers' section on the right hand side of this website.

The covers below are examples. Please visit my GALLERY for more pre-made covers.
Fotolia Shutterstock Depositphotos

Are you an indie author with a small budget? Did you create your book cover by yourself? How does it look? Be honest! How are your sales? Could your sales be better with a new cover or at least a make-over?

I offer all authors a cost effective way to make your cover more presentable. Sometimes changes to the font for title and name can make a difference. So, if you are interested contact me for further information. A simple make-over starts at $25.

All covers below are examples. Please visit my GALLERY for more information.