I sell 3D rendered science fiction and fantasy images as royalty free stock images via Shutterstock, Fotolia and Depositphotos. For examples visit my website

My name is Yvonne (aka Diverse Pixel) and I am a digital artist for more than 30 years. This website shows you one of my passions, book covers. I am offering all authors a cost effective way to get yourself a professionally designed book cover for different genres.
To all authors, please visit my gallery at SelfPubBookCovers for a wide range of my pre-made book covers for different genres. Make sure you sign up, its free!

BENEFITS when you purchase a pre-made cover from my gallery at SelfPubBookCovers:

1. You can add and modify text by
2. You can see your cover how its going
    to look like before you buy it
3. My covers can be modified to your
    special needs for a small fee
4. You can save your favorite covers in
    case you want them to buy later
5. Prices start from $US 79

If you couldn't find what you are looking for send me an e-mail and tell me what you need.

If you need a cover with a spine for print then I would need more information about the sizes, page number, kind of paper and where you want to publish.

BENEFITS when you purchase a cover through my website:

1. I own an extensive font collection
2. I can handle all the typography for
    you, including special text effects
3. You have the opportunity to review
    the cover
4. You don't need any knowledge of
    graphic design
5. It's uncomplicated and easy
6. My prices for custom covers
    depend on the overall work and
    time I invested and start from as
    little as $US 80.

The questions and answers apply only to the covers you will purchase directly through my website! When you buy a cover through my gallery at SelfPubBookCovers please read and pay attention to the General Terms and Conditions on that website.

What have I to do first?
Go through my galleries and if you can't find what you are looking for send me an e-mail and tell me what you have in mind.

What size do you send the file?
The general size for my e-book covers is 3125 x 4167 at 300dpi for poster prints and/or
1500 x 2000 at 72dpi for Amazon and similar websites. If you need another size, a cover with spine or others tell me what you need. I also design header images for Facebook or Twitter.

What format do you send the file?
All images are in JPEG / JPG format and in PDF format when you want to publish via CreateSpace.

Is the cover I buy unique?
For many of my covers I use my own 3D rendered images. When I use stock images I will  make sure the cover is unique by using additional images and/or elements or artistic techniques. Ask before you buy a cover through my website.

I want to change the design of one of your preview covers with different fonts, colours or elements, can you help me?
No problem when you want to buy a cover from my Gallery. If you want to buy a cover from my gallery at SelfPubBookCovers you have to follow the rules on that website and to fill out a form/request.

Can I use one cover for multiple books?
This is only possible if you want covers for a series of books with a similar look. Tell me what you need. If the design is complete new the prices for custom made covers would apply. If you only need some minor changes to a preview cover in my gallery a fee from $US 15 per cover would apply.

Can I have a file with layers for Photoshop so I can edit the image myself?
In general yes, but a much higher fee would apply, because you would have to purchase the copy rights. Also, it would only be possible with designs purchased through my website and only apply to covers which don't include public or stock images.

Are the stock images licenced?
Of course. You are allowed to sell your books 250.000 times.

Do I have to pay for the stock images additional to your art work?
The price for stock images is included when you buy a pre-made cover. If you want a custom cover, the price for the cover depends on the overall design and how many stock images I will use.

Do you create covers for print-on-demand websites like LuLu or Blurb?
Yes, but I need information about sizes, page numbers, kind of paper.... Price is negotiable. 

What if I bring my own image?
No problem, but you have to proof that the image is your property or you purchased a license. If you bring a public domain image I need to know the source.

How can I pay?
Payments have to be made through PayPal with your account or credit card. You will receive an invoice via PayPal.

Do I have to pay in advance?
You have to pay a nonrefundable 50% of the overall price before I start to work.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes! The content regulates the copyrights and ownership.

If I have another question?
Contact me via the contact button above or

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