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SPIC Website: SEP, Sinopec Sales Shanghai Petroleum Branch Join Hands to Build New Pattern of Energy Project Cooperation, Development

In order to implement the spirit of the strategic cooperation agreement signed between SPIC and Sinopec and to further promote the key customer development and cooperation, SEP and Sinopec Sales Shanghai Petroleum Branch signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on August 13, 2021, in accordance with which the two sides will give full play to their respective experience accumulated in the preliminary development, construction, O&M, etc. in energy projects as well as the comprehensive advantages in capital, technology and brands to cooperate in investing and constructing petrol station rooftop PV, energy storage, hydrogen energy, charging pile and other types of energy projects, and jointly build an integrated smart energy utilization demonstration area.

In the near future, SEP will focus on various petrol stations in the area managed by Sinopec Shanghai Branch, concentrating on promoting the implementation of rooftop PV power projects, taking a solid step to start the diversified cooperation of integrated energy between the two sides.

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