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Main Building Rooftop PV Power Project of Tianji Power Plant Synchronized

  On December 25, 2014, the main building rooftop PV power project of Tianji Power Plant Phase II was successfully synchronized for the first time. In the next stage, the plant will continue commissioning on the PV power generation equipments of the Phase II main building rooftop. The project will be officially put into commercial operation after all the commissioning work is finished.

  Utilizing the existing rooftop of Phase II main building with a total area of 2,983 square meters, the project has a total installed capacity of 350kWp, with more than 1,400 PV modules of polycrystalline silicon, and the average annual power generation is expected to be 329,700kWh during the operation period.

  The successful application of PV power generation in Tianji Power Plant Phase II project will not only save station service power consumption to a large extent and thus obtain a certain “visible” benefit, but also produce huge potential social responsibility benefits in terms of green ecological environmental protection.

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